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  • How do I apply for owner financing?
    • No credit checks, no credit reporting, and EVERYONE qualifies. If something changes in your life during the terms of loan we will do everything we can to work with you. We feel the same way you probably do about banks and hate the impersonal and un-flexible terms and service. We are a small family run company who understands life happens. It's simple; use the owner finance button on each properties page to check out.
  • How can I receive first look and opportunities before they go public?
    • Subscribe to our newsletter on the home page near the bottom.
  • Why are the properties for sale so cheap? Whats wrong with them?
    • We purchase properties at large volume with discounted rates so we are able pass the savings on to you.
  • Will I need a Realtor to buy or sell?
    • No. We handle all of the deed and transfer paperwork in house
  • How does buying land from One Horse Properties work?
    • We agree on sales terms and we mail you a packet to complete.
    • You complete the packet, and return the completed packet to us via the prepaid envelope provided. The first payment is due after the completed packet is received and approved by One Horse Properties.
    • Upon complete payment, One Horse Properties conveys the property to you via deed. You'll receive via mail, the deed and instructions for recording the property in your name along with any other forms the county or state may require.
  • How does selling land to One Horse Properties work?
    • We agree on sales terms.
    • We compile all necessary documents to transfer the property.
    • We arrange for you to sign the documents with a third party notary who will then provide you with a cashiers check for payment in full.